ZKTeco L7000-U OLED Display Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Fingerprint + Password+ Key(Support Query Door Open Logs & USB Flash Disk)

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By improving the perfect combination of biometrics and cryptography,our fingerprint locks ensure double security through the fingerprint plus password unlocking feature,This lock supports 100 passwords and 500 fingerprints,It has three way to unlock,Fingerprint,password and mechanical key,The 1.54″ OLED Display affords clear and bright readouts That make our lock easy to use,Users can delete all the user information and set the FP locks to be in normally open(NO) state in special cases Convenient through this OLED display,L7000 & L70000-U adopt American standard single latch that enables easy installation and replacement of deadbolt lock. L7000S uses German standard mortise with one latch and one deadbolt which provides higher security. Their reversible handles enable compatibility for different door open direction.

Product features

★ New generation fingerprint recognition algorithm
★ Idle handle design to prevent from forcible entry
★ OLED display screen with visual menu
★ Smart alarm for low battery & illegal operation
★ Normal open mode
★ Support query door open logs
★ Backset is adjustable (60mm or 70mm)


★ Material:Zinc Alloy
★ Fingerprint Capacity:500
★ Password Capacity:100
★ Log Capacity:30,000
★ Operating Temperature:32 ºF ~ 122 ºF(0ºC ~ 50ºC)
★ Communication:USB flash disk
★ Power Supply:4 × AA Alkaline Battery
★ Backup Unlock:Mechanical Key & 9V Battery
★ Door Thickness:35-55 mm (standard),55-75 mm (optional)

Package List

1 × Outdoor Unit
1 × Indoor Unit
1 × Gasket
1 × Mounting Plate
1 × Single Latch
1 × Strike Plate
1 × Strike Box
1 × a pack of Spindle & Screws
2 × Mechanical Key
1 × a page of Installation Guide


  • The 128*64 1.54″ OLED Display affords clear and bright readouts that make our fingerprint locks intuitive and easy to use,It supports display the battery charge level,time and date,unlocking records and so on.
  • Supports Firmware upgrade, uploading/downloading of user information and unlocking records through the USB pen drive,It supports 500 fingerprints and 30000 door open logs,User can browse unlocking records offline.
  • Supports to set classified privileges for super administrators,administrators and ordinary users,Only the super administrators can access to all system functions and modify all system settings.
  • Handle, latch and strike is reversible design for all door open direction,Features and electronic clutch handle design which helps effectively prevent the FP lock failure caused by damage of the internal structure as a result of the forced destruction of the handle.
  • Easy installation,no wiring needed,the most advanced “DIY” design, Supports single latch lock (both 60mm and 70mm locks) of American standard.


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