X-10 PowerHorn 110 Decibel Security Siren PH508/PSH01


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Here’s a distant alarm that will certainly terrify anyone within a couple of room’s distance. This powerful siren takes wireless X10 signals from the X10 alarm system consoles. If the console’s built-in alarm is not audible, include this loud siren by just plugging this system into any sort of 110V wall surface receptacle. Use numerous devices to ensure that the trespasser does not understand where the sound is coming from. A screw hole allows you to fasten the unit onto the receptacle so an intruder can not pull it off. This unit is caused by successive ALL LIGHT BULBS ON AND ALL DEVICES OFF X10 signals that are transferred by the safety and security console. This siren could be made use of with the X10 Powerflash Interface adjusted to blinking mode. This siren is so piercing that it is tough to continue to be in the exact same enclosure with it when it goes off.


Effective 110 dB siren
Set off wirelessly by X10 signals
Safeguards to the A/C electrical outlet to make removal difficult


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