VideoSecu High Sensitive Audio Pickup Device External Amplified Tiny Spy Microphone for CCTV Security Camera with Bonus Warning Decal WD6


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Gather sound proof as essential as collecting video evidence, this preamp microphone package is a perfect inclusion to almost any video security camera system. This large get mini preamp and microphone is the better for CCTV pros, with Preamplifier IC constructed on board, it increase a microphone’s reasonable productivity current to a stronger, more usable level, it features low sound, high gain and car level adjustment on-board preamp routine. This mini-size microphone is 5mm in diameter, quickly hidden. Notice: This item is actually VideoSecu brand name. Please report to any time you obtained one without VideoSecu logo.


Ultra high gain mini microphones taking sound evidence for security camera system
Built in onboard IC preamp, reduced noise, high get and vehicle degree adjustment
Collect every audio with this specific awesome large gain micro sound system
Preamplifier always boost a microphone’s reduced output current to a more powerful functional degree
RCA connector, bonus safety caution sticker is included

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