NFC 215 amiibo cards (40pcs cards+5 pcs stickers)


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These NFC tags are read/writable so you can change the data as many times as you want.

The data can be locked so the tag is read-only. Once the NFC tag is locked, it cannot be unlocked.

This chip is a very fast modern chip with good reading range.


These NFC tags cannot be used on metal, aluminum or electronic surfaces.


Memory – 540 bytes of memory (504 bytes usable).
Durable – Built with PVC, TIAO tags are built to last.
Programmable – Capable of supporting a huge array of different functions. Change your mind? No problem, you can easily rewrite your NFC tags time and time again.
Water-resistant – Leave them outside or simply get them wet. They’ll stack up.
Lockable – Don’t want anybody else adding information to your NFC tags? No problem! You can permanently lock it! (Note: they cannot be unlocked once they are locked)
No battery required – Just tap and go.
Blank (white) on both sides, built with durable Waterproof PVC
Compatible with most NFC-enabled phones and devices
Able to program amiibos to these cards (TagMo)
Printable, but the ink may smudge until it is complete dry
Dimension (approximately): 8.6 CM x 5.4 CM (3.4″ x 2.12″)


Compatible with all NFC devices.
Will not work on metal surfaces.


  • NTAG215 chip – same one used by Nintendo amiibos
  • 540 bytes (504 usable bytes) of data; suitable for a url, text, small contact record or single action phone trigger
  • Printable surface (both sides are white/blank) (40pcs cards+5 pcs stickers)
  • Compatible with NFC-enabled phones and devices, compatible with TagMo, Amiibos
  • Endurance: > 100,000


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