MaxWorks 70899 Wireless Long Range Security Motion Sensor with Home Base High/Low Volume 3 Chime Indicator

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Wireless motion security system now at a cost anyone can afford. MaxWorks_70899 has been re-engineered to redefine the meaning of maintaining high value security with NO MONTHLY RECURRING FEES. The daily use of this security device is really limitless…use it to securely monitor the content of your garage while you leave it open for that cool afternoon breeze into your home, monitor vehicles as they approach your driveway so you know who’s coming, know when you have guests (wanted or unwanted) even before they knock on your door or ring your doorbell, monitor the coming and going of your pets through their pet door, and many more infinite uses. The included infrared sensor has a maximum scanning range of 18 feet and wirelessly communicates the motioned data to the home base with a maximum unobstructed distance of 300 feet. Unlike other devices in the marketplace with just one setting (loud) built into the home base, MaxWorks_70889 has both a High and Low chime setting giving you the hearing option when you set the home base far or near from you. Even when you set the home base to off mode (no chime,) the infrared constantly scans 180′ emitting a red LED whenever it detects motion. This acts as a deterrent for those would be imposing criminals. Infrared sensor uses 1 x 9v battery and home base uses 3 x C 1.5v sized batteries (not included).


  • When The Infraded Sensor Identifies Movement Fro Cars or People, The Sensor Will Send A Wireless Signal To Home Base Causing It To Play Alerting Sounds. Detection Of Movement Can Be Reached To About 18 Feet And Also a 300 Feet Signal Transmittion From Home Base to Sensor.
  • Simple Installation That Requires No Wiring. Requires One 9 Volt Battery For Sensor and Three 1.5 Volt Battery For Home Base Which Are Not Included. Also the DC Cord For The Home Base Is Optional And It Is Sold Separately.
  • Could Be Used To Deter Inturders Or As Simple As Detecting When Someone Is At The Door. Also Could Be Used For Stores To Notify That There Are Customers.
  • A Great Solution To Maximize Security Detection At A Low Cost Not To Mention No Monthly Recurring Fees.
  • Home Base Receiver has BUILT IN High and Low Three Chime Settings


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