Kidde i9050 Battery-Operated Basic Smoke Alarm with Low Battery Indicator, 1-Pack

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Product Description9V, Battery Operated, Basic DC Smoke Detector, Ionization Sensor, Test Button, Flashing Red Light To Indicate Power, 3 Year Warranty, Clam Shell Package, Not Available To Members In Oregon Or Vermont. This product adds a great value. Product is highly durable and very easy to use. This product is manufactured in China.

The battery-powered Kidde i9050 ionization smoke alarm is designed to protect you and your family from the dangers of smoke and fire. This basic smoke alarm is easy to install throughout your home, and it’s powered by a 9-volt battery (included). This version comes as a single, but it’s also available as a twin pack.

Kidde i9050

Includes 9-volt battery.

At a Glance
i9050 Battery-Operated
Basic Smoke Alarm
At a Glance:
  • Easy installation–no wiring required
  • Powered by 9-volt battery for continuous protection even during power failures
  • Flashing LED shows alarm is receiving power
  • Low-battery indicator
  • 10-year limited warranty
At a Glance



This basic battery-operated smoke alarm is powered by a 9-volt battery (included), providing continuous protection even during power outages. It includes a flashing red LED to indicate the alarm is receiving power as well as a test button to verify the unit’s electronic circuitry, horn, and battery functions are working properly. During a smoke incident, a piezo-electric horn (rated at 85 decibels at 10 feet) will sound in a repetitive manner–three beeps, a pause, three beeps, a pause. It also offers a low-battery warning and a tamper-resistant feature that deters removal of the unit from the wall or ceiling. It’s backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

The Kidde i9050 smoke alarm uses ionization sensing technology, which generally detects invisible fire particles (associated with flaming fires) sooner than photoelectric alarms. Photoelectric sensing alarms may detect visible particles (associated with smoldering fires) sooner than ionization alarms. Kidde recommends that both ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms be installed to insure maximum detection.

What’s in the Box

One Kidde i9050 Battery-Operated Basic Smoke Alarm, one 9-volt battery, and operating instructions.

Kidde i9050


  • Battery operated 9V battery included
  • Test button verifies battery and alarm operation
  • Tamper resist pin to help prevent tampering and theft
  • Low battery indicator chirps when battery needs replacement
  • Kidde’s smoke alarms meet the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent facility that tests products for compliance with widely-accepted safety standards


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