Fortress Security Store (TM) GSM-B Wireless Cellular GSM Home Security Alarm System Auto Dial System : DIY Kit

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The Fortress GSM-B lets you put in a full-scale monitored security at home without incurring costly monthly fees. An entirely cordless system, the key system monitors the isolated devices (see below) and triggers the security in case there is an intrusion. On the other hand, it is going to send a text information or call that notify you of a prospective break-in. Submit 6 figures to dial in case the basic actually answered, and 3 SMS numbers. Text function needs using a SIM credit.

The GSM-B provides both landline and GMS features, enabling one as a back-up. Just in case an intruder seems to reduce your landline, the device will nevertheless perform utilizing the GSM dialer. Moreover, the alarm will instantly appear when the landline is actually artificially clipped additionally the system is armed.

Dial in to arm or disarm the machine, check the condition or use the inbuilt intercom. This permits one to communicate with any individual nearby the major unit. Intercom function calls for use of a SIM card.


* 1 X Main Console

* 10 X Window/Door Connections

* 3 X Passive infrared motion detectors

* 3 X remote-control keyfobs

* 1 X Loud indoor siren (approx. 30 inches line)

* 1 X rowdy backyard siren (consists of approx. 5 ft 110v wall surface adaptor)

* 1 X Panic Switch

* 4 X Alarm alert Stickers (two for house windows, two for doorways)


Every features of a high-end security monitoring program without any monthly costs!
Totally cordless system with integrated GMS dialer. Activates siren next dials your own cellphone or directs a text information in case there is intrusion
Remote monitoring. Call the computer anytime and look standing, from another location arm or disarm the security and employ the intercom function
Twin Network. Connect the unit to both your own landline and GSM simcard when one fails.


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