First Alert SCO5CN Battery Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarm

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Product Description
State of the art smoke and CO combination alarm designed to provide early warning of a fire or carbon monoxide danger. Has a photoelectric smoke sensing chamber and an electrochemical CO sensor. Features a sweeping horn tone that has a lower and varying frequency that makes it easier for the elderly with normal age related hearing loss to hear the horn. Optipath 360 technology provides 360 degrees of direct access to the smoke sensing chamber. Operates between 40F (4C) and 100 degreesF (38 degreesC) and relative humidity between 10 and 95 percent. Silence/test feature to test functions and temporarily quiet unwanted alarms. Unique horn sounds and lights help distinguish between a smoke or CO alarm. Pull out locking battery drawer for battery replacement. Pins are provided to lock battery drawer and/or alarm to base. Low battery silence quiets low battery alert without affecting alarm operation. Loud 85-decibel alarm, low battery warning. End of life alarm chirps when it is time to replace detector. 2 AA batteries included. Designed for wall or ceiling mounting. Includes mounting anchors and screws. UL listed. 7-year limited warranty.
Carbon monoxide (CO) is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America, yet many people don’t know they are suffering from CO poisoning until its too late. Since symptoms of CO poisoning are like the flu, you might not even know you’re in danger at first. That’s why a carbon monoxide alarm is an excellent way to protect your family. It can detect the CO you can’t see, smell or taste in the air.

The First Alert SCO5CN carbon monoxide and smoke alarm uses an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor-the most accurate technology available. The alarm uses photoelectric smoke sensing technology which is environmentally friendlier and which reduces nuisance alarms, making it ideal for cooking areas. It is also great for sensing slow smoldering fires quickly. The permanent sensors last the lifetime of the alarm. The test/silence button both silences a non-threatening alarm or low battery warning and allows you to test the unit’s functionality. A low battery signal alerts you to replace the battery and end-of-life alarm of three chirps alerts you to replace the unit. Two AA batteries are included. 5-year limited warranty. UL listed. Not available for sale in Massachusetts.–Bree Norlander

What’s in the Box
One combination carbon monoxide and smoke alarm, two AA batteries, and user’s manual. This does not contain voice feature.


  • Battery-operated combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm
  • Photoelectric smoke sensing technology & electrochemical CO sensing technology
  • Simple to use silence/test button; low battery warning; Does not contain voice feature
  • Includes 2 AA batteries; 7 year limited warranty
  • Tested to the highest industry standards, meets UL safety standards


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