First Alert BRK 9120LBL Hardwire AC Smoke Alarm with 10 Year Sealed Battery Backup

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The brk 9120LBL alarm features a dual ionization smoke sensing chamber, an 85Db horn and a “silence” feature. This alarm features a 10 year battery backup. The battery drawer is shipped pre-locked so battery will not be discarded prematurely. Under normal conditions you should not have to replace the battery for the life of the alarm. The “smart technology” system is designed to reduce nuisance alarms. “Latching alarm indication” remembers which unit initiated an alarm. When interconnected in a series, the unit that triggered the alarm rapidly flashes its red LED indicator. After the alarm condition subsides, the initiating unit will store in memory or “latch” the information and begin to flash the LED indicator 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off. The “perfect mount” system features a gasketless base and a mounting bracket that keeps the alarm secure over a wide rotation range to allow for true alignment. Other contractor preferred features include a dust cover to keep alarm clean during construction, keyhole slots in the mounting bracket eliminate the need to remove the electrical box screws for installation. Two locking features are provided to prevent battery theft and/or theft of the unit. Connection to AC power is made with a “quick-connect” Wiring harness. Installation is quick, easy and cost effective.


  • Hardwire alarm with ten year battery backup to reduce maintenance and tampering in event of power failure
  • Includes 10Yr lithium battery backup with locked drawer to prevent tampering
  • Intelligent sensing technology helps reduce nuisance alarms
  • Features single button silence/test and convenient end of life signal when it’s time to replace
  • Meets UL217 standards and backed by 10Yr warranty


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