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The latest Pelican Siren is fashionable and affordable. It has got 200-watt siren with P.A. functions user friendly settings The P.A. system includes a noise-canceling microphone and face mounted quantity control knob. New Swarm 200 Watt Siren Speaker is trendy and economical.


Pelican 200 Watt authorities siren (1)
Swarm 200 Watt Siren Speaker (1)
Run on 12V
Obvious sound regularity
Amplifier output power of 200-watts
Siren sounds consist of: Wail, Yelp, Sting, Siren, Horn, Tool, Hi-lo
Combined Amplifier and Faceplate product
Contains microphone with 2 feet of coiled cable tv which extends to 6 feet
Contains 10 feet of wire to speaker and 8.5 foot to energy
200 Watts
ABS plastic bell or low-profile information
Light fat aluminum driver casing
Universal to all or any Sirens
3 season producers defect warranty


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