4 PAIRS (8 Pcs.) Mini CCTV BNC Video Balun`, Passive


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Attributes: *Easy set up, using the standard UTP cable program *Male BNC permits hookup straight to your camera or DVR *Support all movie devices, such as for example camera, supervise, DVR credit and recorder etc. *Lower budget, the price of CAT 5 cable tv is much less than coaxial cable *Using UTP cable tv (CAT 5, RJ45) to transfer video clip, audio signal instead of coaxial *Utilize current wiring. Curently have structured cabling systems? Simply link a balun at every end of the cable tv run to transmit the signal. *Reduce installment price. UTP wires physically smaller compared to coax options, more digital cameras through a smaller diameter, very an easy task to put in and end. *Better EMI and RFI disturbance getting rejected than coaxial wire *Lower cable tv price. The expense of movie balun plus Cat 5 cable may under standard line. Particularly for high cost Plenum Coax cables


Mini CCTV BNC Movie Balun`, Passive
Male BNC allows hookup directly to the digital camera or DVR
Help all movie gadgets
Effortless installation, by using the regular UTP cable program


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