(1) NEW HOME SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM 11.25″ YARD SIGN 3M Reflection Law Enforcement Sign

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Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting on .060 Polystyrene. These signs are made with a beaded material that resists fading. The signs are manufactured with 3M® reflective engineered quality material and can last up to 7 years in service temperatures ranging from -40°F to 200°F. Our signs are highly resistant against the extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid weathering conditions. Graphics are printed with transparent inks, which will allow the reflective properties of the background to reflect light at night. 7 years fading Warranty


  • SAFETY TIPS – # 1.) “DON’T POST YOUR ALARM COMPANY SIGNS” (Google **Replay Attack**): Don’t! give burglars any information about your alarm company.
  • Police officials have currently determined that burglars can bypass or hack your wireless system (See “Replay Attack”). Instead, disquise Alarm company identity by just post general “24 HR Electronic System” deterrent signs.
  • # 2.) “REAL MONITORING and EQUIPMENT”: Burglars Google the alarm signs to see if they are real.
  • Be sure to only purchase deterrent signs from brands that sell “REAL” alarm/surveillance Equipment and Monitoring services.
  • 100% Aluminum Security Sign here: “Stake Not Included” – “COMPATIBLE WITH”: ADT, Brinks, GW Security Inc., SimpliSafe, PiSECTOR, Swann, Sabre, Samsung, Netgear, UniquExceptional, Masione, WALI, Kodak, Fortress Security Store, Skylink, Zebora, Funlux, ZOSI, Amcrest, UOKOO, D-Link, R-Tech, Nest, Uniden, Esky, Toughsty, GERI, Zmodo, ROCAM, ,Best Vision Systems, VIMTAG, Canary, Wolo, Secure, and many more!


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